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Pieces of me

Everyday I carve out pieces of me

A part for you there, A piece for him here

Endless rivers of blood sweat and tears laid down at the feet of people who will never truly appreciate it.

The word sacrifice is carved into my bones.


Do you even realize how much you’re asking of me?

I twist and contort

Adapting my body into whatever you need it to be in the moment, by the moment.

Shaping my life and my time line to suit your wants

I shave off the parts of me that are unpleasing to you

In an attempt to make you love me more


And yet here we stand, my palms open and waiting

Willing my energy into creating the words that fall from your mouth

Desperately grasping at dreams that just won’t come true

Spilling my being into a garden that only grows thorns.


My hands are black and bloodied from working the soil

My back broken from the weight of the work

Still I pull the plow forward

I pour the water out

I tend the crops that grow in between the weeds


It’s never enough for you

I lay here bleeding, pouring my life into the ground on which you tread


Until there is nothing left

Not even

A piece of me