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Not today, Satan

I don’t set new years resolutions because I always break them. But I do set birthday resolutions and those seem to work better for me. Maybe it’s the lack of pressure.

So last year when I turned 37, I decided that I was done wearing uncomfortable clothing on a daily basis. I was tired of going home and being so tired of my clothes touching me and making me feel less than wonderful.  I threw out everything in my closet that didn’t fit like it was made for me, retired all my bras (I realize I’m lucky I can do this) and stopped wearing heels unless I really, really wanted to be taller.

One year later, I still practice this and don’t regret it. Most of my clothes have to be yoga-able anyway because I teach often and practice even more. This past weekend when I was going to the con, I actually had to go buy pants with pockets. I packed my bras but didn’t wear a damn one of them throughout the event. With pleasure, it was tank tops with built in support and corsets (let’s not get crazy with the throwing things out now!)

I’ve changed the way I buy clothes, not just to fit who I am now but to fit the body I have now. I don’t look at the sizes anymore because they’re the most ridiculous thing on the planet and have no bearing on my worth as a human. If it’s a 5x or a 1x or how many x’s they put on it; I love the way it feels, then damnit, I’m wearing it! If I have to wear a bra with it then I debate if I really want to wear the damn thing or say, not today satan!

Another thing I’ve noticed has changed since I put this in place, I worry about my weight less and less. Everything fits, everything I have in my closet feels good on me and makes me happy. So I have less issue fitting into jeans, or the shirt being too tight. Everything is flowy and loose.

I’d rather be comfortable.




Quirky, eclectic and as alternative as Opelika, AL ever thought to produce. I'm a Yoga for All yoga teacher, a belly dancer, a mom, an out queer woman (Yes, really, in Ala-freaking-bama!) and a crafter extraordinaire. I'm constantly on the go, always making lists and I love to offer a helping hand and a unique insight into my strange little world.

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